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Stormwater Engineering has developed into a multi-disciplinary service as infiltration of the storm events is now mandatory.  HILBEC Engineering & Geosciences, LLC provides complete soil evaluation and testing services with a unique perspective to the placement of the stormwater system within your development constraints. 

Some of our services include:

  • Soil evaluation to determine the extent of water or rock in the subsurface which could limit the downward passage of the stormwater
  • Guelph Permeameter Testing - Provides a fast method of identifying the transmissive capacity of the soils
  • Borehole Permeability Testing
  • Double Ring Infiltrometer
  • Geoprobe Testing when the site constraints limit the excavation of large test probes
  • Percolation Testing

Guelph Permeameter for Permeability Testing

24" Double Ring Infiltrometer with Mariotte Tubes

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